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Insights & Innovations from ThermoClad Conservatory Experts

Welcome to the ThermoClad blog, your destination for expert insight into conservatory roof installations and home improvements in County Durham and across the North East. As one of the leading specialists in conservatory solutions in the UK, we're here to shed light on innovative designs, efficiency hacks, and trending styles.


Whether you're dreaming of a cosy sunlit retreat or searching for ways to optimise your existing space, our articles are crafted with your needs in mind. Packed with tips, expert insights, and the latest happenings in the conservatory realm, ThermoClad's blog ensures that homeowners are always in the know.

Whether you're researching the benefits of our insulated conservatory roof systems or looking for general home upgrade advice, the ThermoClad blog has the information you need.

We're here to share our 20+ years of experience transforming homes across the North East.

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